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Discover the magic of links golf

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Majority of the world’s more than 250 links courses are located in the UK and Ireland. The Scottish Golf History website offers readings and an interpretation of links golf by those who want to study more about the history of the game. You will also find a lot of interesting information about the links courses. Robert Price’s book Scottish Golf Courses (2002) is a fine book about links land in Scotland and is a must-read for those seeking more in-depth knowledge.

The Top100golfcourses site has well defined the nature of links golf and listed the best links in the UK and Ireland. Those interested should read the definition on the site and study the ranking lists. Top100golfcourses uses the term Real Links. According to the site, there are about 240 real links courses in the UK and Ireland.

The True Links by George Peper and Malcolm Campbell is excellent book for links enthusiasts. Listing of 246 true links is a great reading about links golf, but since its publication (2010), few new courses have been opened. The same must be taken into account when studying listing in Price's book. Unique Courses Golf is a site for golfers who want to explore new courses. There are a total of 284 courses in their True Links ranking. How many have you played? Whether there are 246 or 284 true links courses, it is not the question. The most important thing is to enjoy good golf, beautiful nature and friendly company.


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