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Scotland – List of links courses

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

The number of links courses in Scotland is greater than anywhere else in the world. It is estimated that there are almost 250 links courses in Great Britain and Ireland, of which hundred are located in Scotland. In 2017, Top100golfcourses website published a comprehensive list of all the so-called real links and 240 of them are on the islands. There have been very few links built since then, with Dumbarnie being the only new links course opened in Scotland. According to the list updated at the beginning of 2021, there are exactly one hundred real Scottish links. You can always discuss whether certain links should be included or not. For example, the prestigious True Links book (Peper&Campbell) has 85 courses on the Scottish list. There have been a few more modern links courses opened in Scotland since the book was published in 2010, so even their links list is no longer comprehensive.


WEST OF SCOTLAND Colonsay Golf Club Dunaverty



ST ANDREWS AND FIFE Arbroath Carnoustie (Buddon)


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